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Our value

Potanicals Green Growers is a merchant and grower of cannabis products that we hope will become a positive part of people's lives.  Potanicals Green Growers will challenge the status quo and will offer superior industry innovations, as well as a fresh and welcome philosophy to life that is conveyed by the personality of the business.  Central to this business is the idea that life can always be better, as evidenced by our trusted and true, exacting growing practices, our dedication to excellence, our savvy teamwork, and our open forum to explore new ideas.

For any further information of our parent company, Benchmark Botanics Inc, please visit http://www.benchmarkbotanics.com


At Potanicals Green Growers, we embrace innovation, at every turn, knowing well it is a key component to providing the best quality Cannabis.

We collectively, and consistently, make great efforts to find and research new ideas, concepts and applications of better solutions, to meet all current industry requirements.

In our pursuit of excellence, upgrades and improvements using the latest technology, are implemented, on an ongoing basis, to our cannabis cultivation process.

One such innovation is that we are now using state-of-the-art sensors and control mechanisms to analyze environmental conditions. Our target, of course, to have full control over all the growth parameters, which in turn will produce the best quality cannabis.

At Potanicals Green Growers, innovation is also key in our Extraction, Microbial and Analytical Analysis processes. To us it is very straightforward that we hone, and apply, multiple strategies in our dedicated efforts to have a full understanding of all cannabis product development, from cultivation to final product.

We simply will not settle for less than the best in every facet of our operations. Potanicals Green Growers is all about Innovation, leading to Excellence.

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