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Kootenay Crunch pre-rolls

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About The Product

Craftport Cannabis' Kootenay Crunch showcases the best in British Columbia craft bud. This indica dominant strain is hand trimmed, hung to dry and cured to profection. These premium straight pre-rolls provide the perfect smooth. This rich terpene strain has a dank, woody nose with a sweet herbal flavour. Craftport's 7 x 0.5-gram / 10 x 0.3-gram Kootenay Crunch pre-rolls are packaged in a fully recyclable nitrogen purged tin can to ensure this premium product is always fresh.

Cultivar Indica
Terpenes Myrcene; Caryophyllene; Farnesene
THC/CBD Total THC: 26.96% (269.6mg/g)*
Total CBD: 0.078%(0.78mg/g)*


* While every effort is made to ensure consistency of product, cannabinoid percentages will vary slightly with each lot.